About Us

Name: RayTools AG. Foundation: January 2005


General Purpose:    Evaluation, generation and application of laser light for industrial use; resulting project-, know – how- and service business;


Achievements: Diode pumped solid state lasers for special applications, unique application concepts of high power laser diodes, related projects;

Modular laser source- and machine concepts, components, accessories and unique beam alignment technology;


Advantages:      Independent company with vast know-how and engineering skills on demand and in line with customer requirements;


Main Competences : Vertical competence with ‘RayTools’ Bring innovative application solutions to pre-series level


Materials processing

–Sheet metal surface treatment

–Laser cutting, drilling, welding

–Evaluation of process parameters, machine characteristics, process efficiencies etc.


Customized engineering solutions

–Lasers and laser systems, device and accessories design and development

–Functional prototypes to pre-series models


Production focused Systems and Accessories

–Components and accessories

–Special-/Standard machinery and systems

–Laser process integration solutions

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